Rust Gamedev Meetup

The 33rd Rust Gamedev Meetup took place on December 9th. You can watch the recording of the meetup here on YouTube. The meetup took place on the Rust Gamedev YouTube and Twitch. The meetups take place on the second Saturday of every month via the Rust Gamedev Discord server and are also streamed on Twitch.


Blue Engine | @ElhamAryanpur 

Blue Engine

Updates about community work for the Blue Engine, as well as future engine features coming up.


Galaxion Trade Wars | @Syn-Nine 

Galaxion Trade Wars

Space Trading Game made in Rust based on the Trade Wars 2002 BBS game.


Bones Engine | @zicklag 

Bones Engine

A ‘meta-engine’ framework made to facilitate the development of moddable, multiplayer 2D games.